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the Dragon of Eden

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Name:The Dragon of Eden
Birthdate:Jun 27
Website:System Community.
I'm a dragon. I'm also a member of a multiple system, specifically the [community profile] ark_of_eden.

How it works: Posts that have some kind of overlap with the opinions or interests of other people in my system will probably go in the group community. Anything that's all me, me, me will go here. :) If you want to give our whole system access to something, we're all sharing [personal profile] the_asterism for watching and commenting.

Before we came to DW, I was on LJ as [ profile] daggerskin and later as [ profile] stardrinker, which is still active and will be where all my personal crossposts will go.

Interests (102):

agni, alseides, antiheroes, atma, bastard!!, battle angel alita, beasts bred for battle, beauty, belief, blade of the immortal, botan rice candy, cadbury cream eggs, chewing on people, childfree, combat, constructive destruction, cute things killing people, dark aldebaran, dark schneider, darkness, defense, defiance against objective reality, destruction, digital devil saga, dilandau, dragons, eating babies, eikichi onizuka, emotions, eustress, fighting, fire, freedom, gender neutrality, giroro, hang gliding, hard vore, hate, heat, hunting, individuality, innate knowledge, insanity, jennadelle, key the metal idol, killing, lack of fear, life as story, lightning, love, manji, meat, monsters, myself, ninja master gara, nonhumanity, otakukin, otherkin, pain, paradigm destruction/reconstruction, people that i love, personal beliefs, pitch black, pizzeria pretzel combos, power, predators, protecting beautiful things, rage, religion, reptiles, richard b. riddick, sanity, scientific impossibilities, sechs, self-improvement, self-improvement through suffering, sergei, shamanic flight, shamanism, sharp things, shira, shonen, shonen anime, shonen manga, space marines, storms, takeru kobayashi, tengen toppa gurren-lagann, tests of strength, theophagy, theophilia, therianthropes, truth, understanding, unverified personal gnosis, violence, vore, warhammer 40k, water, weapons, you, zso sahaal
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